1. New live setup.

  2. New EP "ANAMORPHIC" EP. Out Sept 22 on Infine Music


  3. J’aurais le privilège de partager la scène du Centre Pompidou avec Bernard Szajner, le 18 septembre.

  4. Akai S20, le déterrage.


  5. wearekidnorth:

    Take us down, while discovering sound pieces of THEN ALPHA. 

    Chose your “weapon”, and watch it slap our faces, in stereoscope-slowmotion.

    It’s all happening here : http://www.kidnorth.com

    Have fun, and see you soon for the next step !

  6. Here’s the video of my performance with Bernard Szajner & YRO at Workshop InFiné last summer.
    Hint : Pure madness at 36:00 !

    (Source: youtube.com)

  8. Day#2 @ Redbull Studio. Preparing material for our gig at Centre Pompidou with Bernard Szajner.

  9. Day#1 @ Redbull Studio with Bernard Szajner.

  10. My band Kid North has got a new face.


    Kid North

  11. artyempty:


    ref : RTMT019


    A1 - Hedoniste

    B1 - ALMEEVA remix


    Recorded, Mixed at Solstice Studio by Luc Ferré, Laurent Ives, Jérémie Mazan, Baptiste Bouchard and Colin Laganne

    All tracks mastered by Luc Ferré

    Art Direction by MaHell de Narval http://www.mahelldenarval.com/

    New remix for Selenites coming soon

  12. German hospitality. Amazing

  13. Merci Toulouse !

  14. Concert demain soir au Batofar avec Blackbird Blackbird


  15. I’m singing on this awesome track by Sima Kim called "Isolated"
    It’s a dark and mysterious chill / post dubstep dream.
    Probably my best vocal featuring so far…



    Cold heart trapped in a golden cage
    So far from all the things I love
    Slow down if you want to stay
    Alive in this holy place

    It doesn’t matter how many times I have to die
    To get this over

    (To get this over)
    In the depth of the room
    (To get this over)
    Once more in your eyes
    (To get this over)
    I thought I’d never see you again
    (To get this over)
    This is how you wanted it to end