1. German hospitality. Amazing

  2. Merci Toulouse !

  3. Concert demain soir au Batofar avec Blackbird Blackbird


  4. I’m singing on this awesome track by Sima Kim called "Isolated"
    It’s a dark and mysterious chill / post dubstep dream.
    Probably my best vocal featuring so far…



    Cold heart trapped in a golden cage
    So far from all the things I love
    Slow down if you want to stay
    Alive in this holy place

    It doesn’t matter how many times I have to die
    To get this over

    (To get this over)
    In the depth of the room
    (To get this over)
    Once more in your eyes
    (To get this over)
    I thought I’d never see you again
    (To get this over)
    This is how you wanted it to end

  5. tsunami-addiction:

    Tonight Exclusive mix on @RinseFrance 18h-20h (Tsunami Addiction all stars). 
    Monday 17.02 1st live session with RudDe (http://ddamageworld.tumblr.com/)

    1. Aeroplanes (variation) / dDamage

    2. C-Thru / Lemonade & Glasser (from the compilation Let’s Kiss & Make Up)

    3. Kraut Ever (AVAN LAVA remix) / Mensch

    4. (drive) / Puce Moment

    5. August in September (Claude Violante remix) / Tamara Goukassova (Alpage Records)

    6. We got the Power (cover) / Almeeva

    7. Planète Sauvage (Mark Lion remix) / The Konki Duet

    8. Before the Truth (Chloé Battant Rework) / Milkymee

    9. Hoax (Claude Violante Remix) / Hypo & EDH (Lentonia Records)

    10. Ice Swann (dDamage vs Mondkopf) / dDamage

    11. Parade / Claude Violante

    12. Boys Like Us (Milkymee cover) / Haussmann

    13. Coeur de Pierre / La Chatte

    14. England (Claude Violante remix) / Kid North

    15. Pee on Presidents / ZaZaZoZo

    16. Oriented / Rikslyd

    17. Roaring Engines / Kid North

    18. Coeur de Pierre (Plaisir de France remix) / La Chatte

    19. Justin Timberlakecore / Mochipet (dDamage remix) from the compilation Let’s Kiss & Make up

    20. Island / Mensch

    21. Pearl’s Dream / Milkymee

    22. slw dwn / Puce Moment

    23. Amisexy (Ashtray remix) / Rikslyd

    24. Borders (Almeeva remix) / Milkymee

    25. Monologue Nadia I (Beatrice Dalle) - Gloom / Milkymee (from the OST Domaine- a film by Patric Chiha)

  6. Thanks to my dear friend Eddy for the pictures !

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  7. About time I remixed my buddies JEAN JEAN.
    “To the beat of our hearts, we would do the dance of love”

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  11. Disposable.


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  14. Souvenir from last gig : “Strobe” Live @ Point Éphémère.
    Huge stage and lights.

  15. Goodbye :’(